Anthony Bourdain and Philosophy (Pre-Order)


Edited by Scott Calef

Release Date: July 2023

Anthony Bourdain and Philosophy is a collection of chapters by a diverse group of philosophers on many aspects of Bourdain’s life and work.

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Anthony Bourdain is famous for being brave enough to eat things most Americans would not regard as food, including a whole cobra, raw seal’s eyeballs, and unwashed warthog rectum. His book Kitchen Confidential (2000) was his first best-seller, but not his last. Though best known as an authority on food and international travel, Bourdain also wrote popular crime novels and books on history and other topics. He was a fan and friend of The Ramones and dedicated his hilarious book The Nasty Bits (2007) to the members of the band.

Bourdain was a heavy user of multiple drugs, a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and an exposer of sexual harassment both in the restaurant business and the movies. All his writings and recorded conversations are witty and penetrating, and express his strong personal opinions on many subjects, from vegetarianism to religion.

Anthony Bourdain and Philosophy is a collection of chapters by a diverse group of philosophers on many aspects of Bourdain’s life and work. Among the topics discussed: What counts as food, and what counts as good food? What can we learn from travel that we could not glean from books and movies? Do eating habits bring people together or drive them apart? Is suicide a moral issue or just a matter of personal preference? Is it okay for an addictive personality to indulge his many indications, including addictions to work and sports? Are vegetarianism and other progressive lifestyle features “first world luxuries”?

Scott Calef is professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Ohio Wesleyan University. He edited Led Zeppelin and Philosophy: All Will Be Revealed (2009) and has written many scholarly articles on philosophy.

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ISBN – 9781637700396

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