The Godfather and Philosophy: An Argument You Can’t Refute from Carus Books!

The Godfather saga has had a profound impact on American cinema, storytelling, thinking about crime, and popular culture.

Aimed at thoughtful fans of The Godfather franchise, among the questions tackled in these provocative philosophical chapters are the immigrant experience in America, the relation between ethics and the law, the nature of moral corruption, private justice and vigilantism and much more.

Learn more about Joshua Heter here and more about Richard Greene here.

Front cover of The Godfather and Philosophy from Carus Books, updated cover art from Shane Arbogast

Author Interview

Cees van Casteren, Author of Anyone Can Taste Wine: You Just Need This Book, discusses his "Holy Grail" method of wine tasting.

New Releases

Asimov's Foundation and Philosophy front cover from Carus Books final

Asimov’s Foundation and Philosophy is a collection of twenty-four chapter by philosophers exploring the philosophical issues and puzzles raised by this epic story. Topics include whether one individual can make a big difference in history, the ethics of manipulating large populations of people to bring about a desirable future result, the Dao of non-action, the impact of education on future generations, whether human affairs are governed by predictable cycles, whether attempts to plan for the future must be thwarted by free will, the futility of empire-building, the ethics of cloning human beings, and the use of logic in analyzing human behavior. Check out more from Carus Books here.

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