Since his death in 2003 at the age of fifty-six, Warren Zevon’s following has grown, and seven books on Zevon have appeared in the last few years, with more in the works. The Zevon legend continues to attract attention both because of the outstanding quality of his best songs and because of the poignant trajectory of his life.

Warren Zevon and Philosophy is a collection of chapters on Zevon’s life and music, authored by philosophers who are also Zevon fans, providing new and exciting insights into Zevon’s thinking, his cynical lyrics, and the cruel ironies of his roller-coaster life and career.

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Final Front cover of Warren Zevon and Philosophy: Beyond Reptile Wisdom from Carus Books

Author Interview

John MacKinnon, editor of Warren Zevon and Philosophy: Beyond Reptile Wisdom, discusses the life and career of rock n roll legend, Warren Zevon.

New Releases

Asimov's Foundation and Philosophy front cover from Carus Books final

Asimov’s Foundation and Philosophy is a collection of twenty-four chapter by philosophers exploring the philosophical issues and puzzles raised by this epic story. Topics include whether one individual can make a big difference in history, the ethics of manipulating large populations of people to bring about a desirable future result, the Dao of non-action, the impact of education on future generations, whether human affairs are governed by predictable cycles, whether attempts to plan for the future must be thwarted by free will, the futility of empire-building, the ethics of cloning human beings, and the use of logic in analyzing human behavior. Check out more from Carus Books here.

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