Cees van Casteren

Cees (pronounced case) is a Dutch writer and educator. He has won numerous awards for wine tasting since 2000 and became a Master of Wine in 2012. Cees is a Rioja Educator, Ambassadeur du Champagne and WSET Educator. Since 2004, Cees has written 12 books and more than 600 articles on wine and food. He publishes weekly in three newspapers of the Associated Press, is correspondent for Meininger’s Wine Business International and writes for several other magazines. Cees is also partner of wine blog thestoryofmywine.com with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, and he runs his own independent wine consultancy and training business. He currently is Chairman of the Association of Vinologists, the main trade association for wine professionals in the Netherlands. Learn more about Cees van Casteren here.

Books by this Author

Front cover Anyone Can Taste Wine: You Just Need This Book from Carus Books

Anyone Can Taste Wine: You Just Need This Book