Mark Ralkowski

Mark is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Honors at George Washington University. He is the author of Heidegger’s Platonism (2009) and Plato’s Trial of Athens (2018), the co-editor of Athletics, Gymnastics, and Agon in Plato (2020) and Plato at Syracuse (2019), and the editor of Louis CK and Philosophy (2016), Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy (2012), and Time and Death: Heidegger’s Analysis of Finitude (2005). At GW, Ralkowski is also a Posse Mentor, a Learning Partner for GW TRAILS, a Faculty Guide, and the Director of a study abroad program that takes students to Greece.

Books by this Author

Front cover of Dave Chappelle and Philosophy from Carus Books

Dave Chappelle and Philosophy: When Keeping It Wrong Gets Real