John S. Haller Jr.

John received his baccalaureate degree from Georgetown University (1962), his master’s from John Carroll University (1964), and his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland (1968). Before joining SIUC in 1990, he was affiliated with Indiana University, California State University-Long Beach, and the University of Colorado. A professor of history and medical humanities, and former editor of Caduceus: A Humanities Journal for Medicine and the Health Sciences, Dr. Haller’s teaching portfolio included courses in American intellectual history, Darwin and the Darwinian world, leadership and moral responsibility, and the history of medicine. He is also the author of three data sets on reform medical colleges, societies, and journals; and a data base compiling a century of student matriculation records for the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati available on the website of the Lloyd Library and Museum. His current research interests lie in the areas of medical theory and alternative medical systems. Before retiring, Dr. Haller served for twenty years as vice president for academic affairs for the Southern Illinois University System.

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The Buddha's Midwife: Paul Carus and the Spread of Buddhism in America